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Date: 23-Dec-2010

Venue: Jagatsinghpur

This is the day on 23rd December 2010; thousands of farmers captured the Jagatsinghpur collector office and locked the all 4 gates of the office under the leadership of NAVNIRMAN KRISHAK SANGATHAN on the issues of non-inclusion of the district in the declared special relief package after crop loss due to untimely rain. Untimely rain has damaged the thousand acres of crop of the district and lakhs of farmers have been affected due to it. But unfortunately District Jagatsinghpur is excluded from the list of declared special relief package. So irate farmers under the banner of Navnirman Krishak Sangathan locked the collectorate and offices of sub-collector, additional district judge and fast track court. Employees of the Collectorate could not breach the farmers’ barricade and kept on waiting. On being informed, the additional district magistrate apparently came running to resolve the issue, but the agitated farmers did not pay any heed to him. They stuck to their demand that district Collector must sit across the table and explain as to why Jagatsinghpur did not figure in the list of districts where large-scale crop loss was recorded. Six-hours of resistance at the gates of the district collectorate culminated in a public meeting where farmers demanded a compensation of Rs. 20,000 per acre for the crop loss caused by incessant rain during the first fortnight of December. Akshay Kumar, State convenor of Nabanirman Krushak Sangathan, said crop loss in different blocks of the district where farmers were on cloud nine anticipating bumper crop was huge. “District administration has committed a criminal act by striking off farmers from the list of beneficiaries,” convenor of the farmers organisation said.The agitating farmers alleged that though many farmers have suffered 100 per cent crop loss, the surveyors have mentioned it as just 20 to 25 per cent. Mr. Sesdev Nanda, Rasmiranjan Swain, Umakant Bharat, Ramakant Jena, Prasanna Kuanra and Snehansu jena leaded the agitation.

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