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Contribute to Navnirman Krishak Kalyan Panthi to save and respect the farmers in context of suicide

Date: 01-Nov-2015

Growing consecutive farmer suicide has been a foremost problem in Odisha than all other problems. In other words, now Odisha is turning into the hub of farmer suicide. Earlier Farmer suicide incidence was limited into some States like Maharastra, Karnatak and Andhra Pradesh, where farmers generally invest more in farming and borrow more. But now a days, Odisha is in the horrible situation of farmer suicide. According to sources, more than 90 farmers have been killed themselves in last two months due to indebtedness and crop failure for drought. Within some days, no doubt the numbers will be more. It is spreading like epidemic. Farmers, who is feeding the entire Nation is really unfortunate. Nothing is more shameful than this. In this serious situation, Government of Odisha is not accepting farmer’s suicide and in other hands several ministers of the State scoffing the vulnerable condition of farmers. Senior ministers and political leaders state that, farmers have killed themselves due to their family disturbance and mental imbalance not for agricultural loss. Our so called political leaders and ministers are so insensitive that they are not hesitating to scoff farmers after their death also. In this critical point of time, in spite of taking any fruitful step to prevent farmer suicide Government of Odisha has limited its role into false declamation and futile announcements.

In this context, after meeting the family members of suicidal farmers, Navnirman Krishak Sangathan, who has been fighting for the rights of the farmers since more than five years on the issues of Price, Prestige and Pension(PPP), deeply feel that, with ongoing process, the family members of deceased farmers need immediate assistance. From a wider outlook we know that, farmers who have committed suicide, farmers who are fighting for their rights and farmers who are not directly involved in the movement but continuing agriculture and bearing the pain of anti-farmer policy of State are brothers. From social and political view point, all are in a same boat which is going to drown in recent future. All are in one platform. So, in this situation, there is only one way left to survive for farmers, i.e need of thinking as a family, walking with each other by associating with each other’s heart. Otherwise, the news of last farmer’s suicide will come very soon as Government and bureaucracy are insensitive for the cause of the farmers. So, in this critical point of history, time has come to be united for all the farmers of the State by associating with each other. In this situation, after gaining a lot of experience of success stories in the movement process, Navnirman Krishak Sangathan deeply feels an important role to help the family members of deceased farmers for their instant need. So, in this context, Navnirman Krishak Sangathan had called an emergency State Executive Committee meeting on 30th October 2015. More than 100 farmer leaders of Odisha had participated in this meeting and appealed to the farmers not to commit suicide and advised to be the part of the struggle and a proposal was passed in the meeting to form a Krishak Kalyan Panthi (Farmer welfare fund) for the immediate assistance to the families of the farmers committed suicide. The resolution was passed that, the collected contribution for Krushak Kalyan Panthi will be given to the families of the deceased farmers on 30th of November, 2015, when the two days full fledged executive committee will sit on 29th and 30th November, 2015. In this context, the funds collection campaign will continue from Deepawali to Kartik Purnima. Navnirman Krushak Sangathan heartly request to all the people of Odisha to celebrate the function of Deepawali and Kartik Purnima in the simple manner without spending more for fireworks in the terrible situation of the farmers and contribute for the Krushak Kalyan Panthi to bring the laughing face of the farmers.

In this terrible situation of bread producers i.e farmers, we request all the sensible persons, intellectuals, farmers, students and women to contribute as per their capacity to Navnirman Krishak Kalyan Panthi (Navnirman Farmers welfare fund) to save the farmers. If, by the help of one sensible person, one farmer’s family somehow will be able to manage his/her distress situation, then this will be the real gratitude for our bread donors and also a great service for National cause. It is also a real worship to God as “Bread appears as God before a hungry man” says Swami Vivekananda. But here, since food is God (Anna is Brahma- says Gita), so the producer of food is also God. In this context, the worship to the farmer is worship to God. So, we request all, to contribute to Navnirman Krishak Kalyan Panthi for this noble cause to strengthen the farmers movement for the National as well as spiritual human cause.

NB.:  Please deposit your contribution in the  Account of “Krushak Kalyan Panthi” A/c No. 50306845292, IFSC Code – ALLA0212009, ALLAHABAD BANK, Branch- Bhubaneswar Nayapally, Address- Plot No.3/1-B, Ground Floor, IRC Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar-751015. After depositing your contribution please email your Name, Amount of contribution,  Contact No & detailed Address in  As a result we can send the receipt in your address.


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