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Date: 01-Mar-2007


When the politics of the state goes against the welfare of the people, the members of Vidhan Sabhas & Lok Sabha are busy to hoard money by providing free space to the transnational corporations and capitalist forces, overlooking the interest of the people of the nation, Government is tempting catastrophe for the common man in the name of development; in this perspective, in the pursuit of alternative development policy, integral development of man, society & ecology and to originate the alternative peoples’ policy, the alternative legislative assembly sat for seven days since 1st to 7th March, 2007 in Bhubaneswar. About 250 participants represented from 25 districts in this assembly.

On March 1st, former Lok Sabha Speaker & outstanding socialist Mr. Rabi Roy inaugurated the alternative legislative assembly by lighting the lamp as a symbol of vivid hope for the future. In his inaugural speech Mr. Roy said, “at this juncture the Alternative Legislative Assembly is the only way to safeguard the interest of masses and as an dynamic resistance to the corrupt politics of the professed politicians.” In the speech he sturdily advocated for the need of the Alternative Assembly as well as the Alternative Parliament to give retort to the transnational corporations and to save the sovereignty of the nation from the control of all these political parties, which are in favor of the policy of globalization. The president of Sarva Seva Sangh Shri Amarnath Bhai, the leader of the Swadesh Bancho Abhijan, Miss Preeti Porwal attended session as the Chief Guests and speaker respectively. They had accentuated the relevance of this alternative legislative assembly. The representative of Ranapur, Advocate Dillip Kumar Nunda presided over this inaugural session while Shri Akshaya Kumar, the co-ordinator of ALA,Convenor of Yuva Bharat and the founder of Navnirman Samiti with Shri Ananta Ch. Sahoo and Hansaraj Mishra delivered their speech in this regard.

In the 1st Session of 2nd March the Education Policy had been discussed by the educationists, Shri Suren Rout, presided over this session and the versatile educationists like Shri Goura Chandra Khamari, Abdul Bhai from Madurai (Tamilnadu), Amarnath Bhai of Sarva Seva Sangha, Acharya Vinod Bhai, National Convenor of Yuva Bharat, presented their view on the alternative for education policy. Entire house took active part in the deliberations and prepared an alternative education policy. A home committee was formed on Education and within forthcoming of six months the representatives of ALA will go to the village level for the acceptance of these policies and to get ready the budget from the village level and then only they will present it in the next sitting of ALA. Prof. Suresh Chandra Mallick presided over this session.

On the 3rd March the ALA discussed the Alternative Health Policy under the chairmanship of Shri Ananta Ch. Sahoo. Shri Kulamani Bhai, Acharya Vinod Swarup and Shri Ashok Jena put forward their vision and prepared the base to go ahead with the open discussion. In the 2nd session of the day, right to Basic Needs was distinctly discussed and the house prepared the alternative policy for it. Shri Hansaraj Mishra presided this session.

On 4th March, on account of the Holi celebrity, the subject “The Ethical and the Cultural Values” was discussed. This session presided by the Veteran Sarvodaya activist Shri Nishakar Bhai. The subject “Land, Water & Agriculture” was discussed with great concentration and made proposals for alternative policy in the 2nd Session of the day under the chairmanship of Shri Prasanta Mishra.

On the 5th day of the alternative Assembly the 1st session began with the subject “The Forest and the environment” and decided its alternative policy. During the 2nd session, Shri Narayan Mishra & Prasanna Panda chaired the session and the Mr. Ravi discussed on the topic “Mines and Industry” and prepared the house Alternative policy.

On the 6th March, within the 1st session, the subject of “Prohibition” was presided by Sri Ramakanta Mandal, and the chief speaker was Justice Choudhuri P.K. Mishra. Then, in the 2nd session the subject “Science & Technology” was discussed and prepared its policy. Shri Kulamani Sukla Presided over the session and Dr. Banwarilal Shrama, Founder of Azadi Bachao Andolan & Mr. Rakesh Rafiq, Founder of Yuva Bharat were the Chief Guest & Chief Speaker correspondingly. The 3rd session was chaired by Shri Ananta Sahoo and discussed on the organizational process and future program.

In the last day, nearly five hundred people made a rally starting from meeting place and arrived at the Governor’s House. All the representatives of the ALA, the activists and supporters various mass movements i.e. anti-POSCO campaign, anti-Vedanta University movement (its a company named Vedanta; it has no relation with Vedanta philosophy), Lower Suktel and the Kasipur movement has participated in the rally. The rally was converted into a public meeting afterwards. This was held in the Chairmanship of Shri Akshaya Kumar, convenor of the Alternative Assembly. The flag of alternative assembly was hoisted by the representatives. A Five-member group of representatives of the assembly went to meet the Governor and presented a memorandum containing the alternative policies approved by the alternative assembly.

The Home Committee for ALA was formed for each subject discussed in the alternative assembly and it was declared that within six months the micro level budget will be prepared which will be presented in the next sitting of ALA.

A series of performing arts was organized every evening to expose deteriorating condition of the community. The focal attraction was two dramas prepared and presented by Navnirman Samiti, “Kie Bhangidela Mo Gaonku? ” (Who broke our village) and “Satabdira Swara” (Voice of the Century). These plays were the live manifestation of the current day situation.

At last, it was decided that the alternative Zilla Parishads will be formed in all the districts of Orissa. This mission will set in motion by the 1st of April and the representatives of ALA will share alternative policies among the people of the village to dig up suggestions and also to workout the budget. Eventually, the Alternative Legislative Assembly was concluded with the strong determination to work out the alternative people’s policy by the people’s power of Orissa to control the corrupt politics of the state.

Since, it is a long-term process, we appeal you to co-operate with this mission by the following ways: –

  1. Please send the research papers on any of the subjects, or all, mentioned above.
  2. You could pass on the names with their contact addresses of other proficient individuals who can contribute in ALA.
  3. You may bring/send the videos or documentary films on these subjects.

As you know, this is a people’s shared effort, we also request you for financial contribution for this process. For this purpose, please draw a demand draft in the name of “AKSHAYA KUMAR” or “YUVA BHARAT” payable at Bhubaneswar and send it to following address:

YUVA BHARAT, Saumya Bhawan, 849/5051, Talasahi, Patia, Bhubaneswar, 751 031

We anticipate an encouraging response and co-operation from you for this innovative experimentation of national cause.

With best of love and respect,

Yours sincerely,




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